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  1. The Dinky Toys Club of America The book of Dr. Edward Force issued by the Dinky Toys Club of America is an absolute must

  2. The French Dinky Club Parlez vous Français? Then check this out

  3. NAMAC The 5000 member Dutch Miniature Automobile Association; organises a.o. a two-monthly exchange fair for models

  4. British Model Collectors Association Publications on Diecast

  5. Modellauto-Vereinigung Zürich-Ostschweiz Behind the shortcut MVZO stands a group of enthousiastic collectors

  6. www.
    For collectors, by collectors worldwide, with the emphasis on diecast toy vehicles linking toy collectors around the world with free wants ads, a picture gallery of over 400 different diecasts , and extensive links to manufacturers, collectors sales lists and web resources..

  7. Dinky Toys Blog Dinky Toys Blog (a section of ToyCollector. A site which combines discussion forums, blogs, galleries, videos, competitions and much, much more. One which hosts ToyPedia, an unparalleled wiki-based encyclopaedia that will ultimately contain information about every toy and model ever made AND a marketplace dedicated to collectable toys and models ...

  8. La Rafale [ disappeared from the web; PDF saved from web-Archives] A French Collector in English / en Français

  9. Vectis Auctions , Obsolete Toys, Toy collectors, Dinky, Corgi, Die-Cast Toy Auctions Auction house

  10. Santa Barbara Antique Toys - Antiques and Collectibles Antique store with a whole lot of dinky toys including pictures

  11. Wild-Toys

    Homepage Matchbox-Yesteryear van Wild-Toys Dutch & English language Matchbox / Code 3 Collectibles Centre

  12. eBay Listings: Dinky The large internet auction house where I won a number of my dinky toys

  13. Dinky Toys For Sale by Great Finds! I made a few good deals with Greatfinds!

  14. Carmodel Carlo is a very nice Italian toyshop owner with whom an email/snailmail deal is very well possible

  15. Toy Mart, free price guide and toy search resource
    Before called Canterbury Collectibles
    Check their Price Guide!

  16. Aaron Dinky Recoveries - The site for Dinky Toy Spares, Repairs and Care. This might be your contact for selling your oldies or getting them recovered....

  17. Tor Bjorn's Stamp One Shop Clear Dinky seller with fast response (USA)
    Sells his Dinky Toys mainly through eBay, I bought a few of him


    It was a wonderfully full color paper magazine, very detailed and made by a real dinky wizard owning over 20.000 models

    alas not enough subscriptions to survive

    back copies available!!

  19. Dinky Mania The Dinky Toys shop of the publisher of Binns Road. With a huge collection of over 20.000 items

  20. Dinky Toys For Sale - Dinky Dinky Dinky Dinky Dinky Dinky Dinky the Toys & Collectibles Web Site

  21. Dinky Toys ROSSI COLLECTION LUIS ROSSI's big collection of over 2600 Dinky Toys reaching "completeness".
    Still under "heavy construction"

  22. Dinky Toys on The Jeep CJ3B Page A side-page on a site about Jeeps


  24. TOY BOY

    DINKY Simple but clear listing of available items

  25. John [original link is gone] A small survey of John's hobby

  26. Keith @ An extensive collection of Dinky Vans, Tradeboxes and more

  27. Quality Diecast Toys sell obsolete Corgi and Dinky toys and are top quality diecast dealers. Quite extensive listings of available Dinky Toys

  28. Christian Cailleret French Dinky Toys Collector with an interesting site and lists but no pictures

  29. Cam Bailey This is a page dedicated to a renewal of an old and loved hobby. The collecting of Dinky Cars and Trucks.
    also restoration

  30. TOY-MANIA - You will never be too old for our toys! - A quick-response site with lot of picturized Dinky Toys for sale

  31. Unique Collections Front Page A long listed Dinky Toys for sale site

  32. Toyway A USA toy seller that brought an item to my european doorstep!

  33. Maestro They have Dinky Toys, post email letters and teach you how to recover Dinky Toys

  34. Berjac A fellow Dutchman collecting Dinky Toys

  35. Dinkyland A Dutch toy store selling Dinky Toys

  36. Alan Hayward German Dinky Collection collector with interesting picture lists. Taken over by his son Julian

  37. Planenutz [ disappeared from the web; PDF saved from web-Archives] Planenutz has two hobies, one is Dinky Toys Planes, with a fantastic long list of Dinky Planes and Pictures of Reals.

  38. - is a searchable database of over 8000 pages of diecast details with 16,000 links including plenty on Dinky Toys

  39. Moin Moin aus Eckernförde Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Viele Dinky Toys Bildern und Wünsche!

  40. The Toy Tinkers of NL, UK & USA A Family run toy site with members in the various Nations of NL, UK & USA

  41. Michael Bowen Collectors Toys
    [ disappeared from the web; PDF saved from web-Archives]
    THE Specialist in obsolete die-cast

  42. The Reeded Edge Online store from grade coins to hard to find British diecast toys

  43. Cliff Maddock Toys Purveyor of Vintage CollecTABLEs

  44. Pat Dillon Antiques Toy Soldier Centre Old Soldiers Never Die, (Your Mum Threw Them Away)

  45. North American Hornby Society North American Hornby Society Dublo Pages

  46. Ewacars See and Buy! Photos online with model cars

  47. Abbey Arguably the UK's mint boxed obsolete centre (they say)

  48. Diecast Toy Collectors Association & Dana Johnson Enterprises Large site on Diecast including Dinky Toys

  49. Wheeler Touring Club Cafe Wilhelmina in Eindhoven, The Netherlands
    [ disappeared from the web; PDF saved from web-Archives]
    Caravanning club in The Netherlands showed a nice collection of Dinky Toys Caravans

  50. Kleinpo les manivelles French collectioner/seller of Dinky Toys Catalogues

  51. Joe 90 The Thunderbirds were also present in Dinky Toys Land

  52. Alain Owner of some 230 Dinky toys, many of them pre-war

  53. Stefan Truttmann, Switzerland Interesting website of Dinky Toys Collector in Switzerland showing & selling a big amount of Dinky Toys

  54. Marc Martin @ UFO series homepage UFO site with pictures of nineteenseventies science fiction Dinky Toys

  55. Forgotten Toys Finding long lost gems in the attics and fairs of England, submit your requirements

  56. Colin Bishop Sells over 185 Dinky Toys and sponsors the Canadian Toy Collectors Society

  57. The Toy Emporium Fine quality Dinky (really?), Corgi, and other CollecTABLE Toys

  58. UFO Memorabilia Yet another UFO fanatic, extending into Dinky Toys

  59. The Imp Site If you want to know what an Imp is, they are even in Dinky Toys

  60. Model Car Parts The shop in The Netherlands that provides all missing parts and more!

  61. Giman's Car Collection Italian & English site with collectors delight pictures (if xoom works)

  62. Toydorado | Blechspielzeugauktion
    [ disappeared from the web]
    A German Onlineshop

  63. Artsmagic Ltd They sell a Video tape with 500 Dinky toys

  64. Gulliver's Collectibles Writer of the book The Net User's Guide to Buying, Selling and Trading Collectibles

  65. Julian's Collector toys Hi there ! My name is Julian, I've been collecting toys for over 30 years - much to the annoyance of my long suffering wife ! I'm supposed to sell them as well ! My collection is very varied, consisting mainly of transport related items, both old and new - 1:87 to 1:8, in all types of materials

  66. Ford Cortina Models Ford Cortina fan displaying Dinky Toys Ford Cortinas

  67. Frans Faase homepage
    Frans Faase dinky toys
    A Dutch Model collector

  68. Phil's anorak Corgi & Dinky Toy Pages These pages are put on the web for the interest of collectors by a collector

  69. w.p.niesing A Fellow Dutch collector and trader

  70. Drive Past Drivepast is the site for Motoring Literature, Die-Cast Toys (specialising in Michelin, Guinness and Monte Carlo liveried items)

  71. Staffan´s Toycar Museum A Swedish site with Dinky Toys and much more

  72. Ronni 's Model Cars German trader, primarily in Matchbox, but also in Dinky Toys

  73. Miniatuur Auto NL A Dutch site with a lot of offerings for the miniature car collector including free advertisements

  74. Kurioos A dutch antiquestore, also selling dinky toys

  75. My Times Canadian site, featuring Dinky Toys and others

  76. SoliJouet French (and English) site on Solido, comparing them with Dinky Toys

  77. Automobilia Itailan site of 1/43 car models

  78. The bus Collection of Trevor Cope A site dedicated to buses, including an odd Dinky Toy

  79. STUDEBAKER TOYS HOME PAGE A site dedicated to Studebaker, including an odd Dinky Toy

  80. Dinky Mania
    by Hector Luis Spinelli (Argentina)
    personel colection of (restored dinky toys) with usefull downloadable lists (if xoom works)

  81. The price list of over 300 different Dinky toy diecasts Quality model collectors toys, mint and boxed dinkies from all-diecast & toylink

  82. French site with a wealth of information on Dinky Toys

  83. Dinky Collector specialists in obsolete toy models in lead, diecast, tin and plastic

  84. seller of a large assortment of toys ads

  85. Toy Soldiers Polish Site on Toy Soldiers, featuring a few Dinky Toys also

  86. Diecast Drive-in Site of a fellow Corgi and Dinky Toys collector
    with a lot of pop-ups

  87. Formule 1 models Formula 1 racing and models. A Dutch site with subtitling in English and a Dinky Toys page.

  88. Mini's A Dutch website in three languages (NL, GB & F) about a National Car Miniatures Museum in The Netherlands. Also includes Dinky Toys

  89. Corgi Dinky Matchbox Priceguide A website in progress, giving statistical price information about actual sales of Corgi, Dinky and Matchbox. Will be every time more interesting!

  90.  Childhood Memories Dinky Toy Page  How sweet

  91.  Welcome to the Childhood Memories Domain 
    [ disappeared from the web; PDF saved from web-Archives]
    These Pages are planned as much for your enjoyment as they are for selling toys and models

  92. J.Wiersema Dutch Painter with nice Dinky Toys paintings

  93. Pete
    [ disappeard]
    A Jeep collector on Dinky Toys

  94. Dinkysite, the Homepage of Express-co, which contains information about Dinky Toys and Corgi Diecast Collectables.

  95., the ENGLISH and FRENCH Emergency Vehicles

  96. Clicksouvenirs Collectables and souvenir gifts brought to you by Click Souvenirs. Of course including a range of London Bus Souvenirs

  97. LondonHut London Buses and Taxes, part of a superb collection of decorative souvenirs. LondonHut for everything London under one roof including London Souvenirs.