Following links bring you to where I bought most of my Dinky Toys:
  1. Ebay has a huge number of Dinky Toys on Auction daily
  2. Vectis holds Auctions-on-line in UK & US, frequently featuring Dinky Toys Lots
  3. Toymart has direct Sales and Auctions, all on-line
  4. NAMAC is the Dutch Association for Model Cars holds a bimonthly Model Fair in Houten, The Netherlands
  5. Linklist leads to my link list to websites that collect, sell and disply Dinky Toys

Happy Hunting

2018 The Auction:

Iíve been contemplating to sell my collection for several years, possibly via an auction .

As this collection has been built up during my life it cost me some emotional effort to part with it.
However, my children were not really interested in the collection and since Iím still healthy and kicking, why not deal with it myselfÖ.
So on August 14 2018, the whole collection was auctioned at Vectis, with some lots being re-auctioned on October 9, 2018 and one lot re-re-auctioned January 16, 2019. Of part of the proceeds we've made a beautiful trip to Argentina, Chile and two days Brazil.

A two minutes impression of the online Auction (not my lots), with the auctioneer visible at the left lower corner.

A few pictures related to the last packing and shipping:

18 boxed piled on 2 half-pallets

The 2 half-pallets wrapped in plastic foil

All boxes and layers photographically registered

Last minute packing label for the "Nicky Toys"

Last minute packing label for the "Pilen" collection

Last minute packing label for the set of "DINKY Collection" models

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