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Vickers Viscount 802 Airliner (BEA) G-AOJA

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Accident description
Date: 23.10.1957
Time: 16.51
Type: Vickers 802 Viscount
Operator: British European Airways - BEA
Registration: G-AOJA
C/n: 150
Year built: 1956
Crew: 5 fatalities / 5 on board
Passengers: 2 fatalities / 2 on board
Total: 7 fatalities / 7 on board
Location: Belfast-Nutts Corner (UK)
Phase: Final Approach
Nature: Non Scheduled Passenger
Flight: London - Belfast-Nutts Corner APT (Flightnumber )
Viscount G-AOJA departed London at 15.16 GMT for a flight to Belfast-Nutts Corner. At 16.45h the flight was taken over by the Precision Approach Controller for a GCA talkdown on Runway 28. Within a mile from touchdown the aircraft had drifted right of the runway centreline. An overshoot was carried out, but the aircraft crashed 1000ft South of the western end of Runway 28. PROBABLE CAUSE: "The cause of the accident was not determined."

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ICAO Accident Digest, Circular 59-AN/54 (28-31)

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