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Sikorsky S42 Clipper III

Courtesy of
Larry Myers

A "Clipper Ship" Taxies Ashore

The S-42 "West Indies Clipper" (NC823M)
The U.S.A. Bermuda Clipper Taking off for New York

Sikorsky S-42B, photo most likely made by Aviation Photographer Gerecke
Off to Rio and the Argentine

A S-42
U.S.A. Bermuda Clipper En Route

Incidentally, although the title seems to imply that this is the "Bermuda Clipper" , it actually shows the S-42 "Brazilian Clipper".
A "Clipper Ship" of the Air

A Sikorsky S-42.
Arriving New York City - 5 Hours from Bermuda

S-42B "Bermuda Clipper".

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