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The M3 Halftrack
US developed and based on French-built Citroen-Kegresse

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Isreali halftracks during War of Independance, 1948

Isreali halftracks during Six Day War, 1967

Isreali halftracks during Yom Kippur War, 1973

Isreali halftracks during Operation "Peace For Galilee", 1982

Israeli museum Picture

Israeli museum picture of Halftrack used for recovery
The above two pictures are a special and personal courtesy of Isreal Weapons.Com, who sent me more than a dozen high res pictures

Japanese halftrack, lost in the river 1940's


M3 White Scout Car

M3 White Scout Car interior

History and 7th Armoured Division

In the 1920's the US Military used the French-built Citroen-Kegresse tracks and the hull of the White Scout Car M2 to develop the M3 as a gun motor carriage. As of 1941 thousands of M3 rolled off the production lines.

French-built Citroen-Kegresse

Britsh built White M2 Scout Car

The M3 Halftrack was the complete armored personnel carrier developed in the US from the M2 and M3 Scout car created by the White Motor Company in 1938, which it consequently replaced. The M2 was in turn based on White's then current commercial truck chassis.
The M3 White Scout car had a roller mounted in front of the bumper that could be lowered to help it not to bog down in soft ground as well as armoured shutters protecting the radiator, which could be opened and closed by the passenger, using a right foot lever.

Originally M3's would have a .50 caliber Browning heavey machine gun in the center of the rear quarters but it moved soon to the cab rooftop, while later, in the M3A1 version a pulpit mount appeared and a 0.303 caliber Bren Gun light machine gun in the rear.
The hull was elongated and got bench seating varying per model from 10-13 occupants.
A development of variant of the M3A2 was the M5A1 and had an M49 ring mount for the machine gun and could carry 13 passengers.
The M5 variant had bodies with rounded rear corners while the M2 and M3 were square and also had a different type of armour fitted, which provided less protection from small calibre AP rounds, due to how the armour plate was tempered.

As of 1944 the US Army began to scale back production of halftracks in favor of fully-tracked vehicles.

The Israeli Army has bought old halftracks on any European scrapyard they could find and used them refurbished and modernized until the end of the millenium. Also other nations continue to use the American halftrack as a battlefield recovery vehicle. Even the Soviet Union received Half-tracks in large numbers from 1942 onwards through the Lend-Lease Act.

M16 Quad AA with gun-ring and quad AA gun



Designation: M3 Halftrack
White Motor Company / Autocar / Diamond T - USA
Country of Origin:
United States
Service Year:
Multi-Purpose Armored Personnel Carrier
3 + 10
Production Totals*: 41,170.


Length**: 20.28 feet | 6.18 meters
Width: 7.28 feet | 2.22 meters
Height: 7.41 feet | 2.26 meters
Weight: 10.3 tons (US Short) | 9,299 kilograms

**If a tank, overall length is with gun forwards whenever possible.


NBC System: None
Night Vision: None


Powerplant: 1 x White 160AX 6-cylinder petrol engine delivering 147hp.

Maximum Speed: 40 miles per hour | 64.4 kilometers per hour
Maximum Range***:
175 miles | 282 kilometers

***Values indicative of vehicle's road range (for self-propelled vehicles) OR maximum effective firing range (for stationary towed-artillery systems).


1 x 12.7mm machine gun
1 x 7.62mm machine gun

Other mission specific variants included:
1 x 81mm mortar
1 x 57mm anti-tank gun
1 x 75mm field gun
1 x 105mm howitzer
2/4 x 12.7mm anti-aircraft machine guns
2/4 x 20mm Bofors cannons
2/4 x 40mm Boford cannons


700 x 12.7mm ammunition
7,750 x 7.62mm ammunition

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