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NELSON (September 3rd, 1925)
RODNEY (December 17 th, 1925)

Displacement: 33,950 tons (Nelson), 33,900 tons (Rodney), (full load, about 38,000 tons).

Complement: as flagship, 1361; as private ship, 1314. In wartime, 1640

Length: (pp.) 660 feet, (w.l.) 702 feet

Beam: 106 feet

Draught: 30 feet

Guns: 9 - 16 inch.
12 - 6 inch.
6 - 4,7 inch A.A. in Nelson   8 - 4 inch AA. in Rodney
16 - 40 mm. AA.
48 - 2 pdr. pompons
61 - 20_mm. A.A.
Torpedo tubes (submerged) 2 - 24,5 inch.

Armour: Is largely concentrated over guns and magazines in fore part of ship. Internal bulge protection.
14" Belt
16" - 9" Turrets
15" Barbettes
6 1/4" Deck

Machinery: Brown-Curtis geared turbines. 2 shafts. Boilers: 8 Admiralty 3-drum type (with superheaters).
Designes H.P. 45,000=23 kts.
Oil fuel: 4,000 tons.
Consumption: full speed, 16 tons per hour; cruising speed, 2,7 tons per hour.

Name Builder Machinery Laid down Completed Boilers Trials
Nelson Armstrong Wallsend Co. Dec. 28, 1922 June, 1927 Admiralty 3-drum 46,000=23,5
Rodney Cammell Laird Cammell Laird Dec. 28, 1922 Aug., 1927 Admiralty 3-drum 46,000=23,8

General Notes. Both laid down under 1922-23 Estimates, the last battleships designed by Sir E. Tennyson D'Eyncourt while D.N.C. They are reduced editions of the 48,000 ton battle-cruisers ordered in 1921 and cancelled limits which could not be exceeded, and yet must be approached as closely as possible, weight estimation and economy was a far more important factor than in previous designs. The grouping of the main armament forward allows for a minimum length of armoured citadel with maximum protection to hull and magazines, and is considered fully to compensate for the loss of fire astern. The design is therefore peculiar, in that it is governed more by constructional than tactical principles. By placing the boiler room abaft the engine rooms smoke interference with the control positions is obviated. The bridge structure carries 16 inch, 6 inch and 4,7 inch directors, admiral's bridge, torpedo controls, signalling and navigating bridges, sea cabins and offices. Part of the material used in these two ships was originally ordered for two battle cruisers, the construction of which was abandoned in 1919.
High freeboard of these ships has proved its value in heavy weather, which makes little difference to their efficiency as compared with earlier designs. A number of scuttles which had been plated over in Nelson were reopened before she proceeded to E. Indies in 1944. Rodney placed in reserve, 1946, pending refit.:

Cost. Nelson GBP 7,504,055; Rodney GBP 7,617,799. Cost of guns and turret armour approx. GBP 3,000,000; engines, GBP 490,000. Steering gear is of novel design and rudder can be swung over in 30 secs. At full speed. Accommodation is on generous lines and all living spaces have natural lighting and ventilation.

Gunnery Notes. The first British warships to mount 16-inch guns. Arcs of fire of the 3 turrets reported to be 298, 330 and 250 degrees respectively. Elevation is 40 and range 35,000 yards. Cost of firing a triple salvo is GBP 700. 6-inch guns have 60 elevation and can be used as AA. They are the first power worked 6-inch in the service. Special measures have been taken to protect personnel and instruments form the blast of the after 16-inch guns when fired abaft the beam at full elevation.

Armour Citadel belt extends from first 16 inch to aftermost 6 inch turret, with thick armour deck over same area with specially designed hatches. Underwater protection is most efficient and the usual external bulges have been replaced by an alternative system of hull construction developed from a long series of experiments.

War Service. Nelson was mined in Dec. 1939; torpedoed in Sept. 1941; and again mined in June 1944.
Rodney was with King George V in action with Bismarck in May 1941, when last-named ship was sunk.





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Royal Navy as viewed from HMS Nelson circa 1931



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RODNEY (Malta)

This page has been edited from the original with the written consent of Keith Brixworth
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